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Bughouse is more than just a game; it is a community of players who gather together to have fun, or play because of what ever reason they have. Without this community factor, bughouse would not be what it has become.


HeaderRemover v1.0 - a simple command-line-interface application to remove headers from games from a BPGN file. Requires Java. Source code included.

Some resources provided by community bughouse players:
Visit these third-party sites and resources at your own risk. This page simply provides additional resources that may interest you.
We cannot and are not to be held responsible for anything on those sites.

Bughouse Training Videos by mischiefwizard (please scroll all the way down)
2 min bughouse conversation cartoon by mischiefwizard (warning: has some inappropriate language)
Double Chess Board by SKAcz (software to improve your game and view BPGNs)
BPGNView3 by fermy (A BPGN viewer; source code available)
BPGN Standard (with common variations) by Lieven
JKiller Game Analysis (Finals of Bughouse Masters Tournament) by caspiwins

Bughouse book by johnthegreat is temporarily on-hold due to more important matters.

Others? Add your resource by talking to johnthegreat.